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Re: Israel - Palestine - Part 2

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So if Israel deliberately attacks a school or hospital in Gaza that is OK, becuase it is not indiscriminate bombing even though the objective of those bombings and the phosphorous bombs is to terrorize? I think that there are terrorists on both side before and now. Israel just has more power, and can get away with it, so they kill more.
Hoppy fails again to check the facts - The schools were used by Hamas to fire at soldiers. as such they are legitimate targets. Hamas used their own civilians as human shields.

Israel did not seek to terrorisze the population of Gaza - had it wished to do so, it could have stopped electricity, water supply etc- instead, israel provided Gazan with a daily ceasefire, emergency hospital servies etc.

Please name an Army which treated enemy civilians better, while it's civilians are targeted - Gaza could have looked like Dresden or Hiroshima.

Al Quade's attack on USS cole was a legitimate act of war against a military target well able to defend itself. definitely not a terrorist attack. From the little I read about Hyde & Regents park bombing (wiki) - only soldiers were targeted & hurt, so I would not consider it terrorist attack.

Lehi's publication - I'm not familiar with it, but judge them by their actions - how many British civilians did they kill ?

Deir Yassin was a battle in a built area - Arab civilians and Jewish soldiers were killed. After the battle vastly exaggarated reports of rape & murder were told - they were all proven wrong. including by arab scholars. Ironically - the Arabs believed these stories, fled and became refugees without ever seeing a single israeli soldier.

count B. Murder was a Murder - I did not condone it.