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Re: Israel - Palestine - Part 2

[quote=Pashosh;647776]Hoppy fails again to check the facts - The schools were used by Hamas to fire at soldiers. as such they are legitimate targets. Hamas used their own civilians as human shields. quote

So is the Israeli logic that terrorists must be in one of the schools so they'll just bomb all of them to make sure?

Maybe Israel should check their facts before they bomb? Never mind the phosphorus!

From Time magazine:

U.N.: No Hamas Fighters in Bombed Gaza School


United Nations investigators say they have uncovered no evidence to support a claim by the Israeli military that Hamas fighters were holed up in a Gaza school, prompting a deadly attack by Israeli forces that killed 40 civilians, many of them children.
The Israel Defense Forces Spokesman's Office asserted that militants fired mortars from inside the school at troops involved in Israel's controversial incursion into the Gaza Strip in pursuit of Hamas fighters — a military operation that is drawing fierce international condemnation as civilian casualties mount. "The IDF returned fire," according to the spokesman's office. (See pictures of Israeli soldiers sweeping into Gaza.)
But after a preliminary investigation of the Jan. 6 attack at the Fakhura girl's elementary school, "we're 99.9% sure that no militants were at the school," says Chris Gunness, a spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). The agency questioned survivors, including UNRWA staff that run the school under U.N. auspices.,00.html