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Re: Israel - Palestine - Part 2

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You think nail-bombing a military band while they're playing to the public serves a military purpose?

Stick to your own narrow classifications if you wish, but you're not really doing a good job of recognising reality.
I dont know what your military/legal/psychological credentials are - but please don't condescend. I've lived thru several terrorist campaigns which make the IRA/Provos/UDF look like the salvation army so I know a little bit about it.

like I said, I'm not familiar with every engagement the English army ever had, but if someone attacks soldiers then he is not a terrorist. this attack may or may not have military purpose, but it's not a terrorist attack (as long as enough care was taken to avoid civilian casualties). However - if this person is identifiable as a solider, then he may be an "unlawful combatnat" and is subject to civilian law (hence - accused of murder). Bobby sands, for example, started his hunger strike so he would be recognised as a prisoner of war and not a terrorist/unlawful combatant.

The Geneva convention and international law are not up to speed with terrorism - there are a lot of countries which would like to keep it this way (all the members of the Arab league, for example)

Hoppy: can we have one argumet at a time ? please name one army which took more care than the IDF to avoid civilian casualties in similar conditions and then we'll go back to discuss who started (because we already discussed this).

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