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Re: Israel - Palestine - Part 2

Gastro Gnome - please cease with the personal insults. Considering you are the one who failed to understand my simple post about the Tzipi livni court ruling...

Like I said - I'm not an expert on everything, Wiki says that the band members belonged to the British army. I called it the "English army" and I apologize to anyone who defines himself as British.

Pub bombings - again, if someone attacks a pub which is frequented by civilians, then he/she is a terrorist. I beleive there was an bombing in a night club in western germany carried out by the IRA - in this case, the bombers were terrorists.

note the BBC called the IRA/ tube bombers in 7.7.2005 terrorists (same for the last attack on a British base in Ulster). but Hamas/PLO are "militants" or "gunmen". even their own reporter was kidnapped by "militants"...