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Re: D visa in switzerland, U.S. Permanent resident, where would I be deported to??

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I am a girl! And no, I'm not going for a guy, it's a friend from Iran that I haven't seen in 12 years, it would have been nice if I could go.

I have a green card, but not a u.s. passport.

I was wondering if with a permit B I could travel to Italy, once I get it? Or would I need to get a schengen?
From the link previously posted...

"On the basis of the Schengen acquis, a valid residence permit from a
Schengen country, together with a travel document, can substitute for a
visa. Thus, a third-country national presenting his/her passport and a valid
residence permit issued by a Schengen country is allowed to enter another
Schengen country for a short stay without needing a visa. This
equivalence does not apply to residence permits issued by the United
Kingdom and Ireland, since they do not apply the Schengen acquis. "
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