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Re: Schaffhausen - too far from Zurich?

It's do-able, the question is whether you want to do it. Unless you have some love of the town or its location, then I am sure you could find somewhere as nice closer to Zürich for equivalent money.


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Hi everybody, so I'm moving to Switzerland at end of June from the US via Ireland. My better half will be working at ETH Zurich. and I'll be job hunting. Anyhow have trawled the websites looking for housing, ideally furnished and available around July 1st. Have found a very nice looking flat in Schaffhausen, fully furnished, ready to move into the day we arrive in Zurich (June 25th) and 1700CHF. Landlady has been great, sent all kinds of pics, given lots of info, is going to fax me the contract. So my question is, is this too far away for a daily commute to Zurich, says between 39 and 49mins which seems great to me but normal for Switzerland? Am I crazy to consider living way up there, even for the first year? Thanks! Orla.
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