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Re: Microsoft Excel

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Cheers for that.

It is just so annoying because you just automatically write the code in the cell and get crap and you end up writing in freehand a piece a piece of paper a list of the equivalents but once you get to long formulas with lookups and if statments where you use a comma and they use a semicolon etc.
Don't get me started on the comma, semicolon thing. Bane. of. my. life!

That is, until i found that those things are actually specified on a windows level rather than in Excel...if you want to make friends, add a bit of code that changes all regional settings on the computer (date, comma, currency, thousand seperators etc) when you open the worksheet, then share the document with all your work mates. Happy days. Finally you can discuss a number and be sure what is a decimal point and what is punctuation!

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Cheers for that.

I am so glad that VB and VBA is written in English as I generally write a lock of VB macros. In fact I bet when you were like me and could not write the code; you recorded a macro on a spread sheet and then edited and cut and paced the code into your VB code modules
****! that would be the way, just write and save a new formula for each of your favourites in the language you alive, 18 months too late!

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