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Re: Schaffhausen - too far from Zurich?

I would disagree with this. Why commute long distances when in Switzerland its not necessary ? I've spent the last two years doing a 90-minute x 2 long daily commute, and now I'm getting my life back. 3 (nonbookable) hours out of your life each day, means you are perpetually tired and it leaves no time to enjoy the weekends, as you feel compelled to do something, as its the only free time you have. Your health suffers, and the "keep-fit" time is limited. Your whole life is spent in a rush.

There is no doubt, Schaffhausen is a nice place, and I would like to live there, but not if I, or my partner had to commute to Zürich each day. This country has excellent public transport making journies simple. You can travel a long way in one hour on the train, or in a car. That doesn't mean you should. Many people came here to escape the ratrace, and there is no point in continuing the same commuting conditions once here....


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If it seems ok to you and you like the place where you'll live, then go for it. I currently have a 2 hour commute (each way!) and am managing ok. Just buy a good book! We live in a much nicer place now and I can work on the train, so I don't lose too much time overall.
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