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Re: Sick kids in playgroups

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I tried twice to get my son to catch CP, on the basis of 'better a child than an adult' and 'otherwise it'll be when we're due to go on holiday/ Christmas/ first ever week of school' timing. Both times, having done the whole 'that's it, give little Sarah a cuddle, aww' thing, he escaped scot free, only to catch it a few weeks after we moved here aged 8, when no other child in his class had it (because it went round the class the year before). And then his sister came down the textbook 14 days later. Fortunately, they both had the sort of CP where they're more bored than ill, and it's crossed off the list now.

If you catch a mild version of CP, it can reoccur.. just so as you know.

My kids had it really bad, my son more so.. couldn't see his skin for spots, he couldn't walk properly as the spots on his legs hurt, lost weight as he ate so little and both had fever.. and my daughter was throwing-up too. My son will have 1 or 2 scars i think, inevitable as he had so many spots.. but at least it's over, and as they had it so bad, it will not reoccur.
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