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Re: Sick kids in playgroups

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Yes, I know it's one of those illnesses that you mostly only have once, but not definitely. Hopefully their pox was just bad enough - somewhere between 50-70 or so spots each, 'no' to fever for my son but 'yes' for my daughter. They were both marvellous about not scratching after I showed them some Google images of post-pox scars . And antihistamine syrup probably helped, they never complained of itching.

The stuff I got from the chemist, white calamine lotion, was a nightmare. I put a little on my son's spots the first day, and it crusted into the spots and looked horrific. Chucked the rest away, and used tea tree oil instead, which had the aesthetic benefit of being clear. They're both scar-free.

I would happily have got a vaccine - they've had all the other jabs, so why not - but it's not available in the UK and they succumbed too soon after arriving here for me to investigate whether you can get it here or not.

Try telling a one and half year old not to scratch

I also was given a cream, 30 CHF it cost and it was rubbish.. a search on this forum lead me to Tilia's tip of Rosewater and cornflour paste and it was brilliant.. rosewater is a natural antiseptic and so I put some in their bath water as well as bicarbonate of Soda. Hopefully he'll not scar, it remains to be seen - they'll be very small if he has any.
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