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Re: Sick kids in playgroups

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Generally, I think not a good idea. Deliberately making your child sick... nah, doesn't wash with me.
Deliberately making your child sick is a bit of an over statement but I recall when we sent our son to nursery when he was a wee fella we had a few bouts of colds, sniffles, full on vomity belly or runny bum sicknesses and other nasties for the first 6-8 months.

We had chicken pox coming home and then rota or noro virus (or both - I can't remember which now) and appropriate visits to the doctor.

His doctor just checked him over, shrugged and said "it's a necessary part of life, not pleasant for you and not pleasant for him but his immune system will benefit from it."

Now he is rarely ill and anything he does get he seems to shrug off really quickly.

Looking on the bright side, when he hits kindergarten at least he won't be bombarded with all sorts of bugs he's never encountered before.

Yes, his nursery has a policy whereby any kids who are obviously sick have to stay home but often these sicknesses are in the symptomless early stages but can just as effectively be passed onto others. There's nothing we can do about that short of giving each child a daily blood test as soon as they walk through the door and that would be just weird.
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