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Re: Sick kids in playgroups

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Eh, sick kids hanging in the playgroups + playgrounds.. I mostly feel really bad for that sick kiddo for not being in bed, tucked in and taken care of properly. But it irks me too that people would not think of others getting ill.
I would also feel sorry for such a child and my son would definitely be at home taking it easy but how do you apply that when they are in the early stages of a bug and haven't developed symptoms at that time? They are merrily spreading it around their chums via dribble, sneezing and putting plastic toys in each others mouths but nobody looks sick.


Best you can do is notice that they are a bit naughty or a bit loud or a bit quiet or a bit off their food or they don't like the red fire engine today or his horoscope looks a bit doubtful or perhaps there is no change to their norm whatsoever.

"But you SHOULD have kept him at home!!" they'll say with hands on hips and a disapproving look.
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