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Re: Another speeding thread (58 kmph over, in France)

You said "........... nor am I sure if I was the one driving. I rented cars almost every weekend around then, and lots of times, friends came along too", by that, are you saying that lots of friends also took turns driving the car you rented? Or that your friends also took the car out by themselves?

Were you always with the car is another question you should address.

However in my opinion if you were doing 50+ over the limit, or your friend was (while you were besides him/her), you pretty well must remember it. Claiming temporary dementia will hardly improve your case here or with the authorities.

If you did not include additional drivers when you rented the car, you may look at yet another infringemnt of the law.

Swiss - French have recently upgraded their cooperation level for auto fines etc., so if I were you I would get ready for almost anything.

Good luck.
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