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Basler Mietvertrag and Basler Hausordnung

Hi All,

We are currently living in Basel and need to leave by April end. So we need to give notice to our house. When I searched for the papers, what I understood is need to give 3 months notice. What is the method to give notice? Should we send a register post or is there any other system to be followed here?

We have two documents with name Basler Mietvertrag and Basler Hausordnung, which I guess may have the detais about notice and leaving. But they are tooooooo lengthy to type in Google and translate. Anyone have the details of this document in English?

Our house owner didn't take deposit from us, but took CHF 400 saying it as for cleaning. But there is no recipt for that. Also I heard that we need to vacate the house atleast a week before the actual date of vacating, so that the owner will do all checks and prepare the list to collect fine (GOD save me) amount from the tenant. Is that true?

Any help & tips are appreciated. Thanks.
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