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Re: Are the swiss racist?

Hmmm... Well it's difficult to make a generalisation. That also makes it sound like Europe is significantly less racist than Switzerland, which I think isn't exactly the case.

Discrimination also abounds elsewhere in Europe - in your home country it wasn't about race(as you know!!), but elsewhere in Europe it is. The Dutch used to be tolerant, but that seems to have changed. I've lived in two other European countries (UK and Germany). The UK had its fair share of race issues, but wasn't as bad as Germany, which wasn't exactly the land of milk and honey as far as foreigners were treated. The difference is that if you are an EU citizen then you can't officially be treated as a foreigner (though they tried), whereas in CH you can be, so maybe we just notice it more here?

The Irish and the Icelandics always said that they were tolerant of foreigners - which was easy because they didn't have any! Though I guess things have changed in Ireland (the republic I mean) since they started getting some imports - I bet they weren't best pleased and didn't exactly welcome them with open arms!

Well Mark, we can't all have the enlightened attitude to racial integration that South Africa and Australia have displayed (sarcastic dig) but I'm not saying that other countries are free of racism. However, it is shocking how prevalent racist _attitudes_ seem to be in Switzerland.

That said, there are a huge amount of foreigners here, which in other counties would cause many more problems but it seems to be mostly OK here so maybe it's more a case of people talking rather than causing physical trouble as would (and has been) the case in other western countries.