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Re: The (Ice) Hockey Thread

Finally, a place to talk hockey. I suppose I could have started it as well, but I'll leave all that tech-savvy stuff to Mikey.

Olympics - Canada is going to be in tough to capture the gold, but playing with home ice advantage is always nice, and if Luongo plays a game, the roof might blow off of GM Place. They have a good balanced lineup, although this Getzlaf injury is worrying. I see everyone is mentioning the Russians, but to me they are playing for 3rd place at best. Going with their 50/50 split of NHL/KHL players, not sure how that is going to work out. They have great goal-scoring, but their defense is suspect and with a goaltender known to choke in the first round of the playoffs (Nabokov..cough cough), I'm not sold. For me the real competition for Canada is Sweden. They have the team defense mentality and the Sedins are playing lights-out this year (see video below). The Swede's also play more of the style that wins games in this type of tournaments with Franzen (apparently was called by the coach to be put on the team?) and Homstrom in front, their PP is going to be unreal. I'll be hoping to see the Swiss make the quarters (maybe upset the Russians again?), but I can't believe they didn't add Nino Niederreiter, he was great at the WJHC. On the downside, the Swiss jerseys are unfortunately brutal.

I'll be in Vancouver (without hockey tickets, unless we can start a fund?) but maybe I'll post an update or two on the atmosphere.

NLA - I've been a bit remiss in following along thus far, definitely need to pay a bit more attention after the Olympics. But it seems Davos has picked it up in the last couple of weeks, so I'll be looking forward to the playoffs.

NHL - Ah yes, the bread and butter of my existence. Yeah, Washington was on fire, but it is about to be extinguished by the Sens! Can you tell I'm a fan? But seriously, with that 11 game unbeaten streak (12 of the last 13) by the Senators and then going into the break this weekend, I like their chances to take the division lead away from the Sabres (especially after Miller melts down at the Olympics). who have been sliding a bit. The Caps are definitely the class of the East right now, but during their streak they haven't played any great teams (other than the Pens twice, who they have handled, although both have been close), so I'm not sure if their style would win them a best of 7 series. Out west, the Hawks are looking good (better with Niemmi in nets) and I pick them over the Sharks and I am hoping the Canucks match up with them again in the playoffs (conference finals perhaps?). That would be a good series. And although I harbour more than the average amount of dislike for the Leafs, that was quite the series of trades they pulled off last week. Hopefully it pulls them out of the bottom five (although the outlook for them making the playoffs is bleak, not getting too generous here) and doesn't give the Bruins an extra lottery pick.

Also, I agree that Keith's isn't great, but I'm a 50 or Pil man myself, so I don't think I am allowed to comment.
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