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Hi, I am a new member and would appreciate any assistance. I am currently living in France on the border with Geneva. I have almost everything set to start a web based business but I want to base it in Geneva. So I am currently looking to rent or share the rent of a professional kitchen. Does anyone know where I might find somewhere, or have somewhere I can work out of. I would like to register the company in Switzerland so it is all legal, but in order to do that I have to have premises in Switzerland [Geneva]. I am an EU citizen and understand that there are new rules and regulations for EU citizens as from 4th June 2007. I would appreciate it if anyone out there knows where I can rent somewhere, not very expensive as I am just starting out. Thank you so much. Best wishes BarbaraR
I would guess that you will find kitchen facilities locally sooner, easier, and cheaper in your local area rather than Geneva. If your business must be registered in Switzerland you could consider a virtual office as your registered business address ( are reasonable and there may be other Swiss firms providing such services).

I can see difficulties and/or expense ahead if your business intends to import raw ingredients or prepared food products. More regulations than a thing made entirely out of regulations. Many food businesses have an excellent business plan at first but forget that Switzerland imposes duty on imported products or ingredients so watch out for that one .
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