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Tenant not paying rent: any advice?

I live and work in London but I own a flat in France which I hope to relocate to at some stage.

To pay the mortgage on the flat (which is just over the border from Geneva) I rent it out unfurnished through a letting agent.

Unfortunately, the tenant who is currently in the flat has not paid rent for months although he is still employed as a DJ at a Swiss nightclub.

The letting agent has put this matter in the hands of a solicitor so I am facing having to pay solicitors’ fees etc – because the tenant is clearly ‘playing the system.’ (In France, this situation can go on for years.)

As his Swiss employer provided him with an ‘Attestation Employeur’ at the start of his tenancy, I wondered if it might help to write to his employer and include copies of relevant documents.

(I don’t know anything about Swiss HR practices, laws etc but I’m desperate for a lifeline out of this nightmare situation.)

Any advice/suggestions will be gratefully received.

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