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Hi Guys,
fairly new here -we are moving from the Uk to Lugano in July and trying to find what type of insuranceto get for ourselves and my two small children is a nightmare - anyone know of any good companies and the best type of policy please?

We were going to go for the top one - purly out of fright in case anything happened !! but the comany just sent everything to us in German and we could not understand it -

when we asked them to translate it they refused but I cant sign something I am not understanding - we only have 4 weeks left and I am terrified I am going to go without any insurance!! we have 2 children aged 4 and 6 and hubby healthy but overweight and I am a smoker with mild asthma - help!!!

Trying to move here is a mindfield!!!

Actually, trying to move here from the UK is a dream compared to non EU citizens - especially now .

But anyhoo, for insurance try

You can compare the prices for various policies. Call the ones you like, and ask them if they can provide the documentation in English - we had English leaflets and brochures on the policies from Swica and we went with them.

As for being asthmatic and smoking. Stop smoking?

I'll need to check but I'm pretty sure that with Swica smoking was an element that effected the insurance - I'll need to fish out the stuff and take a look ...............
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