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Re: Smoking & Health Insurance

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thanks ever so much the more i hear this the more i think basic is best - but what ahppens when you get there - do you register with a doctor and dentist then just go and see them as needed - this is what happens in the Uk? If you get a minute can you give me an example of how it works - eg, say you have a bad cough and need the doctor what happens and then do you pay with basic or do you then contact your insurance??
Sorry to be a pain

This depends on the type of insurance you get. Some policies allow you to go to any doctor and for others you nominate a doctor from a supplied list - the latter option is a little bit cheaper.

Dentists are pretty much like the UK private system. If you have dental insurance (seems expensive) you can go to whichever one you like, if not it's the same but of course you pay.

The other thing not yet mentioned in the "excess" - whatever policy you have there will be a minimum that you will pay before the insurance kicks in. 1500 CHF is not unusual.

You don't have to wait until you arrive - contact Swica or another insurance company and they will provide all the relevant information.
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