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Re: Internet issues / choices in Switzerland / ADSL vs cable

OK, I've done a fair bit of research on this now - I've already decided to used Cablecom and not Swisscom/Bluewin, mainly because the Bluewin site won't speak to me in English so I can't do much research - but I'm not remotely technically minded so in simple terms, this is what I figured out - please can someone tell me if I'm wrong here and if there's any other costs I've missed?

Internet - Cablecom currently have 2 products, Hispeed 10000 (10000 down / 1000 up) at 65CHF or Hispeed 3500 (3500 down / 350 up) at 45CHF (both half price for the first 3 months)

Phone - Line rental is 20CHF (if you take their internet package as well), and to get cheap international calls is an extra 3CHF on the "International 50" plan

TV - The decoder box is 6CHF, or 20CHF (6CHF for the first 3 months) for the one with recording features. The channels are free, or you can pay an extra 15 CHF (half price for 1st 3 months) to get more UK channels (I think?)

So, if I get Hispeed 3500, Phone and Recordable-TV then its

22.50 + 23 + 6 + 7.50 = 59CHF for the first 3 months, and then

45 + 23 + 20 + 15 = 103CHF for the next 9 months, for a total of

59*3 + 103*9 = 1114CHF

Am I right on this? My employer has set a budget of 900CHF for the year for "Internet + Phone rental", if I say I can get Internet, Phone and TV for under 1200CHF then I think that will be OK. Otherwise I'm sure I can stretch to an extra 300CHF for the year to get Digital TV Also, how soon can they get this installed? Before 20th June if I call them this week, or should I be asking them that question...?

I know there's TV tax on top of this, again my boss has budgeted 40CHF per month for this, is this right?

Sorry for the double post, but I want to make sure I'm not missing anything costwise before I take this to my employer and get the ball rolling. Oh, and if the member4member thing is still going, then it's first come first served...
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