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Re: Chinese porridge, hong kong style?

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There are some tricks to prepare the congee.
You can marinate the rice with some salt and oil, peanut or olive. It doesn't matter. After washing the rice, add there and keep for an hour or a few hours before boiling.

You can also add some soya milk(a little bit only) or bean curd sheet to increase the thickness of the congee.

You can boil the congee bowl by bowl and keep the whole pot(the blank congee in fridge for 1/2days max). Take amount of one bowl and boil with chicken, fish filet, beef etc.

You can prepare some garnish such as spring onion and peanuts on the bowl and pour the hot hot congee to serve.

I hope this is clear : ))

I often prepare them by rice cooker that with the mode to cook congee, very delicious....
What kind of rice do you use and what ratio of water to rice do you add?
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