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Re: Handing your notice in after the notice period

Oh, it can be done just fine and you can get out of "written bad notices" without any issue if you do so. Now the thing typically is that you have a clause to perform a 1, 2 or 3 month period after giving in your notice (which typically needs to be given at a specific point in time for the on going month if you don't want this period of time to be extended).

I quit a job a month ago, and whilst I would have had to perform my remaining period of time, due to the sensitive nature of my job, I was let go immediately. On top of this, I was paid the remaining months in cash plus holidays which I were unable to take, and I started a new job shortly after.

This won't impact any referrals as I did my job correctly and extremely well. The written referral from my old company was fantastic as it should have been.

Quitting hurts, and it may burn bridges, but quitting is not in my opinion the wrong thing to do. Not all companies treat you right no matter how well you do your job, and not all companies will offer you the perfect employment for building a career, thus quitting is an entirely viable option.

If your friend wants to leave his current job, he has to understand that he needs to complete his quitting period correctly if the company wants this. He can however ask to be let off without receiving payment regarding his quitting period if this faciliates the process.

Many options really, it just depends which one you choose to take.
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