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Re: Handing your notice in after the notice period

It depends on a lot of factors, one of which is, how much your friend wants to reduce the notice period. If he wants to reduce it from 3 to 2 months, he should probably raise the point with his employer. If the relationship has been good for both parties, it will likely go through.

However, if he wants to reduce the notice period to "immediate" change, he should look out for a bad reference, and possible financial repercussions.

I have seen one colleague, reduce his notice period on a job he held for 5 years, down to just over a week, with no ill financial effects. The relationship was slightly bruised, but recovered. The boss in this case, was not Swiss. Few people I've encountered end up staying the entire three months. Most usually go in the one to two month period.

I think, there is no hard "this will happen" or "that will happen". Really depends on how much time he wants to reduce it, and his relationship with his current emplyer.
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