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Re: Post photos of what you cook and bake in Switzerland

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2 Angela:
I am not the person who measure all the stuff when cooking, I am taking all the stuff approximate on my eye , it is what I learned from my mum.
You have to have (mantovarka) steamer.

Jin moma :
we need: 200gr flour, salt and water.
for sauce: two legs of chicken, 1 onion, 1 red or green pepper, 1 tomato, 5-6 chinese cabbage, 1 small garlic, (also can add 1 carrot)

how to do: pour the water into the center of flour and salt. The dough should be soft. Place it in the warm place till the dough will rise.

As the dough on the warm place begin to prepare the sauce.
Cut the vegetables and the chicken as you wish, I cut everything in small pieces, cubes. Put the pan, pour the 4 tablespoons of oil. when the oil is ready place everything as follows by frying them as less as 1 minute: onion, chicken, salt, tomato, tomato paste, chinese cabbage, pepper and garlic. Pour the water a little bit. The sauce should not be watery as it is in the picture but I like more watery.

Come to the dough. When it rise take it and roll it as thin as you can Then put spread the oil on the rolled dough. Roll it into a stick. Cut it 2-3 cm long put into the steamer and steam 30 minutes.

Place ready stuff into separate plates.

How to eat: take one jin moma (called steamed ready dough) dip it in the sauce and hmmm delicious.... i hope

I hope my recipe was clear if not sorry

next recipe will post a little bit later.
Hi, JustArrived!
Thanks for the recipe but did you leave out yeast?!

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