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Re: Yet Another Thread About Songs - Backing Vocals

When I was 6, I asked for the Olivia Newton-John album for Christmas and was known to sing "Magic" as follows

"And if all your hopes survive
Dustin' me with a rag" (instead of "Destiny will arrive")

Too young to know about destiny, but old enough to know that my parents regulary polished the coffee table with a rag.

Now you're wondering, why would I think a person might need dusting?
Don't know exactly, but I knew that grown-ups did lots of weird things I didn't understand!!!

I also couldn't understand ACDC's "Dirty Deeds." I used to sing it "Dirty Deeds and the Dunder Chief."

Yep, people, must be another Native American tribe not unlike the Iroquoi or the Apache - I present you the Dunders!!!

P.S. It is Sunday so hopefully no one will accuse me of having a boring job!
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