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Re: looking for jobs in switzerland is pointless ,living here is boring as hell...

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I don't know if your atitude is because of how you've been treated or if people here treat you that way because of your atitude.

Switzeralnd and Canada just aren't the same thing, and neither are the people. But I don't really think that Canadians are nessesarily nicer than the Swiss.

And there is PLENTY to do here. browse around the forum for a bit, if that doesnt help you, maybe you need to work on your atitude.
well there are a lot of non Canadian people in Canada. Canada is a multicultural country may be that's why they are nicer to non Canadian attitude might be like this because specially in Bern there are certain people ( older people) that some how like to give attitude to the ones that don't speak their language, as if we are ruining their city.some people say that only bern is more like this and other cities not as much.
may be my bad experiences some how effected my attitude toward this whole thing but so far as a non Swiss i had enough reasons to feel like this.
and there is a lot to do but for an English speaker?
is there really or does that limit the activities?
i met a lot of nice people here too but only the ones that some how knew my husband !
i hope im not offending anyone by this im just sharing my thoughts hoping for a solution !