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Re: Internet issues / choices in Switzerland / ADSL vs cable

hallo, just my two eurocents worth (from what we have):

cablecom Internet:
  1. very good speeds, does not always work as it should but I think this is a general problem with any provider
  2. we pay a standard sum every month
  3. the help line are perfect and sort out everything in a very friendly manner
  4. the spam filters are not that efficient but they are improving them all the time
cablecom digital TV: we have a receiver and a recorder
  1. BBS prime, world, 1 and 2, ITV1, ITV2, Film 4 for free. (Also other english speaking channels)
  2. Nice options (dual language transmissions and subtitles if available by the sender-but your TV must be stereo to support the dual language feature)
  3. Help line ouright rude but efficient
Swisscom telephones (NATEL and Fixed)
  1. good prices
  2. most importantly I trust them to not sell my data to direct mailing companies
  3. good help lines, they solve any problem but you might have to shout a bit first.
Do not forget when you calculate the prices that you will also have to pay a standard fee (one for any number of TVs and Radios for all houses - appart you might rent) to Billag as said above.

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