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Re: American health care bill, a good thing or a bad thing?

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I think the Republicans are quite angry that Obama managed to get anything through. I believe the political plan was to not let him have anything at all, so that at the end of his term, they can ask "What has he accomplished?"

It's not just the Republicans that are angry, it's the people. The polling on this issue reflects a 40% swing over the last 14 months.

Congress approval rating has jumped down to 11% and some individuals have an 8% approval rating. I believe it was Rasmussen that had a poll that was close to 70% against this CURRENT HEALTH BILL just last week. Rasmussen is a Democrat btw. It's the indepentens that caused a large part of the swing. I believe they are the group that voted for Obama.

People and even the Republicans wanted health care reform JUST NOT THIS BILL. Where is the Tort Reform?

Obama has accomplished something - he's run up the US deficit more than any other president in the history of the country. I thought he was a Marxist in 2007 and I haven't changed my mind but I didn't like McCain either. (It might have been you Phos that told me when I said that I didn't want to vote for him because he was a Marxist that what I really meant was that he was Black. I don't remember though).

The number of people who are uninsured were first quoted at 47 mio, now they say 31 or 33 mio (I can't remember the exact figure and I'm not sure if the 14-20 mio illegal alliens are in that number).

The majority of Americans are happy with their health plans. Most just didn't understand why the government didn't deal with just those folks who were uninsured.

Why throw the baby out with the bath water?

Alll the talk about being "able to keep your own healthcare" is drivel. The politicians were already out today talking about the public option. Many are on record as saying this is just a first step - the end game is to have only a public option.

As to healthcare being a right - well that's up for discussion. Is food a right? Is a home a right? Is a job a right? So easy for a politician to *******ize the idea of "rights". Such easy pickings.

Age old question in these discussion - Where do your rights end when somebody else has the responsibility to pay it for you? What happens when your rights and "MY" responsibility to pay for you begin to infringe on "MY" rights.

The European idea of what is a "right" is a bit different to the American. We believe our rights come from God - according to our Constitution.

Once a government gives you your rights - the government can take it away. More importantly in my mind is that once a government (i.e., politicians) give you your rights, there is an immediate conflict of interest.
The politican will take your hard earned money and redistribute it to others. He has a vested interest in redistributing it as much as possible, the more give aways, the longer he can stay in power and the longer the person paying for it becomes an indentured servant to the State.

Also most of the politicians didn't read the bill and don't even know what the hell is in it - that's just really sad.

Anyway those are just some of my thoughts to give you a bit of the other side. Did I just say "bit" - sorry I didn't mean to type out so much and there are probably at least 5 topics that should be threads on their own and I didn't even include that Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are already either bankrupt or edging toward insolvency - all unsustainable.

So the question remains, why didn't we help alll those without healthcare.

Why add such a large entitlement on top of all the others that are collapsing?

My answer: Cloward/Piven
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