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Re: Kanton Change with B Ausweis

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The quota restrictions do not apply to B permits without employer limitations, so you really do not have anything to worry about (unless your B permit is restricted) On the other hand Kanton Zug is extremely efficient when it comes to administrative matters, so my advice: Don't take it as a basis for comparison. For example; I know of several processes which take 2-3 months in Vaud (Waadt) and the exact same thing takes only two-three days in Zug. I don't know of course how Waadt compares to Solothurn, but just to give you an idea...
Good Day,

My B- Ausweis is not bound to any company. It get renewed every year provided I have a valid Job contract. So I guess this is not a company restricted B- Ausweis. On B- Ausweis it shows "Mit Erwerbstätigkeit".. Also I have a "zulassungs code" 1402 from BFM (Bundesamt for migration)..

Any comments on this Zulassungs code? Just another question, IF IN CASE something goes wrong with SO, can I go back to my old kanton SG and register there?

Thanking all of your support,

PS: I am non-EU national

Regards, Sam
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