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Bicycle repair and general maintenance question

I have done quiet a few miles on my 3 year old mountain bike and yesterday I managed to improve my personal best by doing 100kms in one go.

On the way back my bike started making squeaky noises (only when I pedalled). Could be just lack of oil in the gear assembly/chain/pedal area or something much worse.

I would like to take the bike to the shop and tell them to do a general maintenance check. Any idea the kind of $ I would get charged in Zurich?

Maybe I will give it a once over myself to see if I can fix the noise. What kind of oil would you recommended? I went to Migros and they have too many to choose form. I don't want to use some greasy kind of lubricant that would end up attracting all kinds of cr@p. Should I use the Migros lime de-greaser first? Is it any good? I remember using it last year and it dried out my chain but at the same time made it sticky as hell!

Any general advice would be appreciated.

EDIT- Maintenance LINK

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