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Worrying feedback from Kindergarten teacher

Hi all

I have a 5.5 year old daughter who started Kindergarten in August last year.

We have had feedbacks from the Kindergarten teachers which is really worrying us. There was a meeting with the teacher in Dec last year where they made a feedback that they feel that my daughter has difficulty concentrating and is really hyperactive. They also say she does not listen to them. I was surprised when she asked me to speak with her doctor and ask if she should go for Ergotherapy. I think my girl is a normal child, reasonably intelligent and I accept she is not perfect. There are times she is naughty but are not all children. We discussed with the doctor and he clearly said this is not required.

Now, we were invited to another meeting with the same complaints and the teacher said she spoke to our doctor and he has agreed that my daughter should go for Psychomotoriktherapie(sounds scary). This time she was stern and said if we do not send her they might not allow to her to go to a Primary School and she will have to go to Special School.

I would say this is really not acceptable to me. I would say the teachers are not doing there work and just pushing us to see doctors to solve things which the should be doing.

Does anybody have similar experiences here ? What are the options we have ? We are planning to meet the School Principal under whom all the Kindergartens are. I would say this is unnecessary pressure and threating when they say that we should send her to this therapy or she goes to this Special School. I also checked that this Special School in Zurich is for children with mental problems or who have autism and my daughter DEFINITELY does not fall in this category.

Can we request that my daughter be moved to another Kindergarten as we really now doubt the capabilities of the teachers of her Kindergarten. We are even contemplating moving to a new location in a new environment and even leaving the country. This whole experience has been very stressful till now.

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