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Re: Traffic Offences - Q & A Bullet points

An example of a fine you receive in the mail, in this case it's for speeding (yes it's mine...damn stapo and their mobile laser money printers ).

As you can see, there are plenty of german words long enough to choke a giraffe... Verkehrsüberwachungsgerät is simply... a traffic camera. So I'll help you de-mystify these things...


A. Title - Speeding Fine (other Titles might include "Ordungsbusse") Under that is the text indicating the detection method.. in this case, an automatic camera.

B. Reference to the Offence in the Statutes.

C. Vehicle Registration

D. Vehicle type (PW = small car, LKW = Truck, etc.)

E. Place of Offence

F. Direction of travel at time of offence

G. Measured speed

H. Tolerance deduction (in this case 3km/h - stationary laser)

I / J Speed after deduction.

K. Speed limit

L. Speed limit exceeded by (the important number!)

M. The fixed penalty -payable with the payment slip below

N. Text stating that if the payment is received within 30 days, then it's anonymously dealt with and not registered (yeah, right..) If you wish to contest it you can by writing to the address. You can only request the camera photo if contested. If you don't pay on time, then it goes to court automatically. Late payments won't be accepted and will be returned.


1. Driver nomination

2. If someone else was driving, you can give him/her the fine yourself. If it's paid on time, then it's cry, no foul.

3. If you can't do that, fill in the form with the DRIVER'S DETAILS.. (they already know everything about you).

4. Be aware, that if you own the vehicle, you have to be able to tell the police who is driving.

5. Falsely declaring another driver will be dealt with as a CRIMINAL PROSECUTION.

6. If you can't be bothered fighting over who was driving, then just give us the money...we won't bother you anymore.

If you did fill in the form:

7. cross this if you informed the driver of the fine on this date, along with the payment slip.

8. Cross this if the nominated driver disputes the fine and wants to go to court.
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