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Re: Moths; but clothes moths this time!!

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I don't use mothballs but prefer cedar in the closets.
So do I ! For the closets, mothballs were not too bad as long as you areated your clothing long enough for the smell to disappear but in my kitchen the food moths became a real plague and of course I couldnít use mothballs there

I have never seen anything like it. They larves were crawling all over the kitchen cabinets even those that only contained clean glasses ! I had to throw lots of food away too.

I have an open kitchen and I found them on the nearby book shelves in the living room trying to eat my books. It was absolutely disgusting.

Then I tried cedar - not just the blocks but also the oil. Every two weeks I pour a few drops of cedar oil on the blocks and also on certain absorbant stones you can buy for this purpose. You could also use these stones for pouring any other oil on them for instance lavender oil but I use them only for the cedar oil.

I havenít had a single food moth or larve since - touch wood !!
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