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June Beetle or Humming Bird Moth

Has anyone any experience of june beetles ? or Junikäfer? Never seen anything like this in england - once I was attacked in Namibia when I was camping under a cliff by a swarm of mating beetles - they dug in their claws and tried to mate with my skin..

Just been watching the swiss version of these "hatch" from under my newly planted hedge.
Fascinating watching them as they emerge from out of the mulch on the ground, opening their backs and getting out their new wings for the first time.
They are really crazy when they take to the air - like drunken bees.
Checked out google -
Apparently related to the scarab beetle. Are they considered a pest over in switzerland?
Apparently they feed on roots for two years while they are underground then they eat leaves when they are in flying mode. Looks like I picked the wrong place to start growing a hedge. Explains why some of them grew perfect and some stunted.
Anyone any experience or advice on these crazy critters.
Also, anyone ever seen the humming bird moths? - these are unbelievable insects - we have 2 or 3 in my garden each year.
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