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Re: Dog parks in Switzerland

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Standard etiquette asks that if you see an on-lead dog walking towards you, you should recall and re-leash yours. It's always best to ask permission of the owner before allowing your dog to approach another.
Pretty much agree with everything but an interesting aside to the quoted sentences. We noticed that our 18 month border collie was more anxious, to the point of getting aggressive, towards other dogs when she was on the lead and they were on the lead. If they were off the lead and she was on the lead then she was just scared, not aggressive. Then, reading a doggy psychologists book on shepherding and sheep guarding dogs (can't remember the name but will find out once home) I came across the interesting snippet that dogs feel that they must defend their owner and themselves when leashed - the fight or flight options are limited.

Since then, when approached by a leashed dog we generally ask if it's ok to let both off to say hello - with some it's a non starter but most are fine. We have one particular black curly belgian sheep dog-like friend that always tries to fight if either is on the leash, and is the height of good manners if both are off. We did catch a cold with this method when a young alsation carrying a ball didn't want to share .
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