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Re: DIY Car Maintenance and Repair

With the tendency today to replace rather than repair and make it possible for only "approved" engineer to maintain vehicles, you have a paradise for garages. Manufacturers also make it difficult to with embedded systems requiring specialist diagnostic equipment, only supplied to "approved" garages..

I salute anyone determined to maintain their own car, and if I had more time and somewhere to do it, I would too...

Bring out the Haynes !


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If you have ever worked on a car, you know what parts changed are new and what parts are used.
I was meaning that the tests are quite rigorous and adding things like old rotors may fail anyway.
Most garages have the entire check list on what needs to be 100% and what things can pass that are 70% (my hand brake failed because one side was stopping more than the other), and this could only be checked by a garage with a pressure system. Headlights are another item!
You certainly would not get scorned for doing your own work, it may just be a waste of time is all.