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Re: European jewish call for reason

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So is where Palestinians lived 60 years ago Bottom line is that Israel ain't going anywhere.
Actually, I'd like to change a point - I agree that Israel is going nowhere (voluntarily), but I disagree that what Palestinians had taken away from them 60 years ago is irrelevant. Given that they have been fighting for the same thing on and off, I would suggest it is very relevant.

I would dare you to head off down Shankill Road and make comments about who owned which lands a while back is not relevant... but you might lose your knees.

The focus, really, needs to be on Israel's Arab neighbours, and their ridiculous and cruel policy of maintaining the Arabs of Palestine as pawns in their nationalistic games.
So you are saying that might is right. Well, I guess that creed kind of works for the Americans, so why not?

If they'd allowed the refugees from Palestine to settle and become citizens of their countries back in the forties, and had not tried (and failed) to destroy Israel in the sixties, the Levant would be a much more peaceful and safe place today.
Ah, so it is all the Arab's (general term) fault. Nothing to do with the Zionists. Come on, do you really believe that the Zionists have no part to play or responsibility in this mess and that they are innocent bystanders?

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Israel has not colonised any fresh land since 1967. On the contrary, they have withdrawn from quite a few areas.
Aha ha hah aaahhahhaa hhaa haha.

What, you weren't joking?

The fact that the Gaza strip is nothing more than a refugee camp controlled by Israel seems to have completely passed you by.

Oh and have a look at these stats:

They certainly don't cheer up my day.

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On the one hand we have the argument that Palestinans can't go and live in Syrian or Jordan for example because they are a separate nation. And yet countries like Syrian or Jodan felt they had the right to invade Israel because they were defending their people. Strange.
I believe that Muslims view themselves as one large "brotherhood" or "people(s)", so in that sense, yes, they were coming to the defence of their people.

Why should they empty out the remaining parts of Palestine and help the Zionists further? Who says the Palestinians would be willing to go?

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I agree that the initial establishment of Israel was questionable. But in what the Arabs did after that they thoroughly destroyed the moral high ground they think they still have.
At least we agree on something. Although I disagree that two wrongs do make a right. That applies equally to the victimisation of Israelis targeted by the Palestinians. I feel sorry for the individual victims, but I don't feel any sympathy for the State of Israel or Zionism as a concept.

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These guys don't care about what happens to poor Palestinians (if they did they'd let them into their countries and shelter them). No they are using them as a useful tool. They know if they suffer they will hate Israel all the more.
See point above about Palestinians maybe not wanting to leave.

Basically, what I get from reading your (and other's, to be fair) posts is that it is everybody else's fault except the Israelis/Zionists (and for the benefit of MikeB as he is obsessed with this: the British ). They haven't done anything to make life more difficult for the Palestinians. Nope, not at all.

Never let right or wrong get in the way of a good opinion

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