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Re: European jewish call for reason

sorry can't find the original quote from Dougal's Breakfast, but it read

The focus, really, needs to be on Israel's Arab neighbours, and their ridiculous and cruel policy of maintaining the Arabs of Palestine as pawns in their nationalistic games.
I think that is partly true but it the Israelis play games too.

The reports of the Scud deployment emerged earlier this month in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai and were later confirmed by Israeli sources, although some Western agencies have reservations about the accuracy of the information.
The same Kuwaiti newspaper reported on Sunday that it was US officials who leaked the intelligence in order to "lay the groundwork for a proposal to the UN Security Council, to put together a resolution on the deployment of UN forces along the Syrian-Lebanese border."
Firstly the scuds (even if they exist) are no match for Israel's massive armaments and nuclear arsenal.


Hezbollah, which is closely allied to both Iran and Syria, has called the reports of the missile deployment a “hoax” designed to trigger another war that could reshape the balance of power in the Middle East,......The situation was further confused when Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Egypt’s Foreign Minister, said during a visit to Beirut that the missile deployment was a “big lie”

I heard a report on the radio which more or less said that Israel and the US do not want Iran to have a nuclear program- either a civilian program, which would allow Iran to save its oil reserves, or a nuclear weapons program, which would alter the power situation in the Middle East.

Iran uses the rockets in the Lebanon as a counter threat- in case sanctions threaten to strangle Iran. The US is becoming more persuasive in convincing other countries to join the sanctions bandwagen. However countries like France and Germany rely heavily on exports to Iran, they are not so happy to comply, so the nuclear program has been ticking along.

Israel feels threatened so they are ramping it up to get the US to storm Iran. Apparently Syria's message to Gates was find the evidence - the extra rockets are a lie. If Iran gets either a civilian or weapons nuclear program, the government in Israel is in jeopardy. For the Israeli government to cry wolf also keeps the focus off the continued settlements, which contravene international law. The Likud are just self serving and power hungry they want to stay in power even if it hurts their own people, many are guilty of war crimes. And guess what- if they are ever brought to the Hague to may be Jewish lawyers who convict them.

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