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A good tandem language relationship?

Find your language exchange/tandem partner in LAUSANNE!

I saw the University of Lausanne's tandem language programme mentioned on EF and I signed up - planning to swap my native English for someone's native French.

Just wondered if anyone on EF has had a successful tandem language partnership with anyone? Either with someone they met on EF, or elsewhere? Did you manage to learn German/French/ Italian/whatever in this way?
Anyone have any tips for a successful tandem relationship?
What worked well for you?
What didn't?

I have contacted several of the students on the UNIL site, offering my English for their French. But have only had one reply. Most of the profiles seem to suggest students keen on learning a number of launguages (not just English), and they seem to have fabulous extreme sport-type hobbies/love clubbing/etc. Could be why they haven't bothered to reply!!! Me - boring old SAHM, them - young, wild and exciting!!!

With the one reply I have had, we have decided to start tomorrow, so I would be grateful for any tips!

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