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Re: When you register at the 'gemeinde' do you get a permit automatically?

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I've just registered at the 'gemeinde' bringing all documents required as EU and my partner holder of B permit.

Does it mean that I'll get a permit soon or later in my letter box?

My partner says that I've only 'registered' and I should go back and ask explicitly for a permit.

I am confused since I don't speak German and my partner's speaking skills might not be too good neither (he is only one year here).

I only assumed that since he was there and had to give his details, and we also live together, I am going to get 'automatically' a B permit (or at least a L permit).
Is that a dream?
Because otherwise I misunderstood everything!
I thought that I was not allowed to stay here without working unless I lived with my partner..

Thanks for your help.
It is crucial that the authorities know why you registered. By your username and post I'm guessing you're husband and wife. Things are much more complicated for unmarried couples. If you're married, you're entitled to a permit that mirrors your spouse's, the exact nature depending on your nationalities. But it is crucial that the gemeinde link the two applications and start processing your permit.
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