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Re: people shaking their heads

I do this constantly to idiots who can't drive. If they're near me trying to park with the window open (in an underground carpark) I make sure to tut loudly enough that they can hear. Sometimes I look dissappointed with their performance, other times I raise my eyebrows and wag my finger.

I'm confident it makes them feel good about themselves.

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I know, I cannot drive, I cannot park my car, and in general when I'm driving I am very clumsy. I easily panic, too.
But is it necessary to shake heads and look at me with such contempt everytime I do something wrong? Even people not directly involved in my awkward manoeuvres feel the need to show their disappointment by looking at me and shaking their heads.
Is it happening only to me or this "shaking the head" habit is typically Swiss?
I find it so unpleasant!
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