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Re: Can I survive with this salary?

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Well I think my question has dividing some opinions here.

But give to all of you more info, we are very controlled financially and we don't have the habit to eat out very often here in my current country.

Our goal is to pay a maximum of 1500/1550 rent for month (not necessarily in Bern), have an ordinary car and so on.

I appreciate any more advices
You can pay that much in rent, you'll have to live outside town. You should shop at Aldi/Denner and you can save up to 1000 every month that way. Also you might consider not having a car. I'm chronically lazy and love driving and I still haven't bought a car - public transport really is good. All in all, you can live well within your wage, probably for 3k per month depending on entertainment (very expensive).
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