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Re: About them light fittings...

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Thou shalt get door knobs, taps, shower heads, toilet flush handles...

But thou shalt not get light fittings.... Is that how it is in the rest of Europe/US/UK too?

So what happens if you remove all your fittings to a new house, and realise there are more sockets than you have fittings, or more fittings than sockets? Are you always able to run back to the store from 3 years ago and say "I'll take two more of those, please"?

Do veteran expats now own a pile of mismatched fittings?

Sorry, it's just that this is a totally alien concept to me.
Indeed not. No. (UK)
Shlt happens. No.
Oh, you get used to it (he says, lyingly*).

*Lyingly is a new word I made up on the spur of the texan **, to keep Wollishofener on his toes.

**texan [lowercase-t] is an old Texan word, derived from the verb Guisen ***.

*** the verb guisen is derived from the old Swiss-German guisan, namely "to promise the earth, but never actually deliver a snowball's chance of a fraction of what was promised"; (e.g. "the old residents guisaned the new residents by leaving nothing of any value in the apartment, but also nothing of no value to retain a sense of balance.").


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