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Re: Landlord refuses to fix mold problem in apartment

Well, I have no idea really about tennant's rights etc. but I do certainly know about mould.

Trouble with mould is that it can be very tricky to get rid of. Unless you have an actual damp problem (that could be fixed) as well that is causing the mould chances are that whatever your landlord does it will come back at some point.

I would recommend investing in some mould killer - you can get this in DIY shops and some supermarkets - get one that has bleach in it - the more eco-friendly ones don't work well. And then treat it youself whenever it appears. And also the longer you leave it the worse it is to get rid of because the spores can spread - so don't hang about waiting for your landlord to pull his finger out when you can do it yourself. Anti-mould paint on top after you've killed the stuff will probably keep it away for 6 months or so, but as I said, chances are it will come back at some point.

In terms of health of your kids - that really depends on the scale of the problem. A little bit in the corner of the room is not a big deal, not pretty but not health threatening. A room that smells damp and has significant patches of mould is not somewhere I'd want my kids to be.

Another thing I'd say though - do you really want to live somewhere where the landlord couldn't care less? I mean what if you had a serious problem (e.g. heating broke in mid winter) what would his response be? Long term I'd think about moving if the landlord is useless.
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