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Re: Landlord refuses to fix mold problem in apartment

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Unfortunately 9 times out of 10 it is down to a lack of airing by the tennant, and as such not actually anything to do with the landlord. So his reaction is not untypical, and it may simply just not be his problem.
Yeah I used to have an apartment with the same issue about needing to be "aired out". The problem was the building was built in the early 50's using absolutely no insulation in the walls. Then in the 90's the landlord decided to improve the property by installing double glazed windows that sealed as tight as tupperware, that's when the mold started growing inside of the building. In the end the tenants were forced to keep at least one window open in each apartment at all times during the winter in order to keep the mold problem in check (it reduced but didn't eliminate the mold growth). It really defeated the whole point of installing insulated windows in the first place as the place was draftier with the new windows than it was with the old ones.
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