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Re: Umbrella or Sole trader or Limited Company??

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Hi All!

I've been searching through existing posts to find some answers/clarification to my questions however I'm still a little confused as to where I stand. Apologies in advance for questions already covered in other posts.

I will be moving to Basel in a few weeks as I will start an IT contract for Six months.
I believe i do have three different options:
1) Use an umbrella company and pay 30 + % on taxes
2)Sole trader
3)Limited Company

The income per month is aprox 15k Euros per month

So what to do?? what is the best solution for such a short contract??
Is there anyone out there that could give some advise??? I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advanced for your replies!!
The different entities are covered at leangth in the forums - do a bit more searching .

The big question for you is will the contract get extended? For a 6 months fixed tewrm contract you should be able to remain registered for tax and social security in your home country and keep the lot. If the authorities bother you just keep writing to them explaining your situation until you leave.
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