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Re: Working as Freelancer from Home

Thanks AbFab. I did search the forums and read many threads but it looked that my situation was unique in that my wife had no prior AHV card or job and she has a work permission. In fact, I learned quite a lot from your answers to other threads.

Referring to point 2 below: Do you still need to register as self-employed when your B-permit says "mit Erwerbstätig."?

Point 5: Before you reach the limit for VAT (whatever is current), you do not charge VAT to your clients?

Thanks again.

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  1. This has been covered here a number of times before and you'll learn more by searching the forums with the search function.
  2. She will need to be registered as self-employed. This can be done at your local tax office by filling in a form and supplying a couple of invoices and quotations.
  3. Once accepted, she will be charges AHV - social contributions - based on the previous year's net income.
  4. You/she will need to ask for and complete the Hilfsblatt A supplement to the tax form where all income and expenses can be shown.
  5. The CHF75,000 now to be 100,000 refers to the level before you need to be registered for VAT
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