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Re: Residency permit and independent income

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I have read through the forums here a bit, but I couldn't find any information about my exact situation. I apologize in advance if there are other threads about this, I just didn't find them.

So I am American and I have a Swiss girlfriend, and we are trying to find a way for me to stay in Switzerland for longer than my 3 month tourist visa allows. I am employed through my father's company and I have the ability to work for him in Switzerland and to have a stable income. My girlfriend's father also has an apartment in Basel which he is willing to rent to me. My question is this: is it possible to obtain a residency visa if I can prove that I have enough money each month to pay for my living expenses?

My other question is this: I read in a few different threads that it is possible to obtain a student visa if I am attending a language school in Switzerland. Is this actually true, and if so, can anybody who has successfully done this explain the process to me?

I really appreciate any help that you guys can give me.

While it's a hard slog, and "no" is probably closer to the truth in most cases than "maybe", there are ALWAYS workarounds and exceptions.

Look, for example, at the Web site of Micheloud & Cie: Persons of independent means can come to live in Switzerland. So can certain journalists, writers, religious workers -- more easily than someone who would or could compete with Swiss, EEA or existing permit holders. Your father's company may be able to justify sending you to Switzerland as company representative: it all depends. You might conceivably find an internship with an embassy or international organisation, and such positions are outside the scope of the usual restrictions.
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