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Re: Starting Salary for Foreigner -- not THAT kind of thread

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They have offered me 4,000 Swiss Francs per month with no mention of providing healthcare.

Good luck in your negotiations. Initial offers are sometimes low. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get something fair. I highly recommend that you try to avoid sarcastic UK negotiation techniques with Swiss bosses. You’ll be misunderstood and find yourself explaining the comment and looking like you are insulting them and appearing rude. Swiss like facts laid out just like in your email above (even when the facts seem obvious) followed by a little time to think here. If they want you those numbers will increase without too much effort. The only alarm is that they came in so low to begin with. Practice your patient approach. Silent pauses are very effective. They know this offer is low.

I suggest that you also research the healthcare system here. As you are negotiating a better salary, try not to fall into the trap of expecting the employer to pay for your healthcare premium. They get confused and you look unreasonable. Health care insurance is required by everyone here but not paid by the employer. Healthcare discounts are sometimes available in larger firms but the premiums rarely a part of the employee/employer relationship.

Good luck! See you in Zurich soon.
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